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Indian classical music has been preserved by the musicians of the generation, the beautiful science and art of creating balance in nature through music. Such a precious discipline of ancient science, the complete science of life. The powerful melodies and rhythms of nature to purify the atmosphere, there by neutralizing negative trends and tendencies in the environment and promoting the orderly evolution of life. It is an eternal music of nature. Music performed by Vedang Dharashive-Indian Classical Music-Places performed- India-USA-Canada-Mexico-Brazil-Honduras-Peru-Chili-Argentina-Cuba-West Indies-Russia-Europe. Please subscribe our channel for more updates. Connect us on Facebook - आज हे आभाळ आहे दाटले, खुप बोलावे तुझ्याशी वाटले. वृक्ष हे घायाळ पक्षासारखे, प्राक्तनाने पंख ज्यांचे काटले. चालताना खिन्न झाले थांबले, भासते पाणी अचानक गोठले. आज हे आभाळ आहे दाटले.
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