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#कोरोना डॉक्टरला 50 लाख मोफत विमा ! सामान्य रुग्णाला भोपळा. #मराठी

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#सदानंदरहाटे #SadanandRahate #SadanandRahateonline #Covid19 #मराठी 1) How can I keep positivity during COVID-19 pandemic?, 2) What should I do if I am presenting flu symptoms during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?, 3) Why do we need to lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic?, 4) Will climate change make the COVID-19 pandemic worse?, 5) How dangerous is COVID-19? Is there a difference on how COVID-19 affects children as compared to adults? What percentage of patients with COVID-19 need to be hospitalized? Is headache a symptom of the coronavirus disease? What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease? Follow Me on Facebook
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