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Marg Delahunty’s Climate Rant (Explicit)

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Marg Delahunty, Canada’s Favourite Warrior Princess, on what the hell is wrong with us as a species on this planet. A sobering rant from Canada’s comedic genius Mary Walsh. Credits: Starring: Mary Walsh as Marg Delahunty Writers: Mary Walsh & Lisa Robertson Director: Lisa Robertson Producers: Lisa Robertson, Paul Toth, Liisa Repo-Martell & Robyn Stevan Director of Photography: Gee Mann Art Director: Chris Godin Art Department: Paul Toth, Teresa Gibb, Mikhail “Bear,” Maggie Brennan, Trish O’Reilly-Brennan & Jesse White Editor: Jimmy Yoo Online editor: Stuart Roberts Captioning: Cobalt Captioning Toronto Composers: Janal Bechthold & Ray Goudy Special thanks to: Rey Sandre & Spencer Griffiths
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